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Native American Support is having a Secret Holiday " Snowflake " Exchange, open to the group members only.  Here is the info for joining:


Please respond off-list to me at I will be posting the
information every Sunday (same post) from October 6 until November 24. (That
means anyone with suggestions to add has a week to come up with them, and
we'll be able to catch any newcomers who want to participate.) I'll e-mail
the name of the person you're to *send* to on Sunday, December 1.

Here's what I have so far:

1) If you would like to participate, e-mail me your name, home (snail)
address, and any really serious "issues" ("I am violently allergic to
cigarette smoke and cat hair" for example). If you smoke or have pets, it
would be helpful if you'd note that when you sign up.  (Not trying to stifle
us, but wanting this to be pleasant for all.) Please e-mail from an
accessible e-mail address (not spamblocked).

2) Your gift should be handmade with a materials value ~close~ to $5, or the
total value of what you send should be close to $5 Example: you send a
beautiful lacy pendant that the thread cost about a dollar, add "a little
something" (some candy, perhaps?) to bring the value of the materials up.
(Please note that IN NO WAY do I think that little pendant is worth ~only~ a
dollar because that's what the materials cost--just trying to equalize
things here.  Your "out of pocket" expense should be ~about~ $5. (Plus
postage, of course.)

3) Include a clue to your identity (postcard from your area? or a brochure
from a local attraction, perhaps?)

4) Mail out by December 20.

5) Wait patiently for your surprise to arrive.

6) E-mail me or the list when it does.

If anyone has suggestions to add, please e-mail them to me. I'll incorporate
them and post on October 6 (for the first time) and every Sunday during
October and November.




Click here to send an e-mail for information about joining or to sign up for the exchange.