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This is a darling project donated to our group by Ann. She made enough for her daughter's entire class one year. I think they'd be perfect for the stocking project and make a wonderful project for using up all those leftover balls of yarn!


Materials: 1-2 yard or longer odd balls of worsted weight yarn (acrylic is
best, cotton will work) in a variety of colors. They don't have to
coordinate. In fact, clashing is good.  It would be useful to have a bit of
light brown/tan in the mix.Novelty yarns will work for contrast with the
smooth yarns.

Skinny needles (size 1 or two) straight or dpn

Small amount of fiberfill

Yarn needle for finishing

Instructions for dpn given first [straight needle directions in brackets]

Cast on 34 stitches. Join. Mark the beginning of the round. Knit in garter
stitch (k 1 round, p 1 round) for 6 rounds [k every row for 6 rows]

Change color and st st (k every round) [k on RS, p on WS] for 16 rounds

Day 2?

Change color (this is a good spot to use novelty yarn if you have it!) st st
for 10 rounds [rows], then garter stitch 2 rounds [rows].

Change to tan/light brown or some totally off the wall color (thinking
Sesame Street, here)

(RS) K6, k2 tog, (decrease made) k 18, k 2 tog, k 6 (32 stitches). St st for
9 rounds [rows].

Day 3?

Change color. (If you have a good boucle or eyelash or long chenille yarn
scrap, here's a place to use it for 2 garter stitch rounds [rows]) Garter
stitch or rib (k1, p1) for 4 rounds [rows] (after the boucle if you used it)
with smooth yarn.

Next round [row] (RS) k1, k 2 tog, k 6, k 2 tog, k 10, k2 tog, k 6, k 2 tog,
k 1

Next round and EOR work even [purl even]

Next round [row] k3, k2 tog, k 4, k2 tog, k 6, k2 tog, k4, k2 tog, k3 (24

Next decrease round [row] k 2, (k 2 tog, k4) 3 times, k2 tog, k2.

Next decrease round [row] k3 (k2 tog, k2) 3 times, k2 tog, k3 (16 st)

Next decrease round [row] k1, (k2 tog, k2) 3 times, k2 tog, k1 (12 st)

Next decrease round [row] K2 (k2 tog) 4 times (8 st)

Next decrease round [row] K2 tog around [across]. Cut yarn, thread through 4
remaining stitches and pull tight.

Day 4 (finishing) At this point, the picture may come in very handy.

Using the 4th color you knit with (tan/light brown or off the wall), do a
running stitch (over and under every other stitch ) at the horizontal spot
where the 3rd and 4th colors come together (at your garter stitch ridge).
leave at least a 6" tail on each end.

[Seam back open edges from drawn up point to bottom of garter stitch section
at cast on end.] Weave in all loose tails. LEAVE BOTTOM (cast on edge) OPEN
for stuffing.

Stuff the area above the running stitch sort of medium firm. Use running
stitch to gather at this point to about 2/3 its original diameter. Fasten
off well so this gather doesn't come loose.

Stuff the rest of the tube. Draw up the cast on end and fasten securely.
Place the stuffed tube flat on a table and flatten it side to side from the
first gathered area to the cast on row. Using the same color that you cast
on with, take a couple of back stitches in the center of that color. double
back, fasten tightly.

Now, with the second color you used, do the same thing up the center of your
flattened tube until you are about 6 stitches from the next color change.
Fasten tightly.

Thread your needle, this time with the 3rd color you used. Working a bit in
the side, and starting at the point where the 2nd and 3rd color change meet,
back stitch to about 4 rows from the gathering at the 3rd/4th color change.
Fasten off. Repeat on the other side.

Add features (eyes, nose).

Personally, I'd leave off the pompom if it's intended for a baby.

I'll add the picture tomorrow after you all give it a try!  I want to see lots of pictures!!