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For information on joining us in knitting, sewing, crocheting or providing needed supplies to Cheyenne River Reservation , Click Here.

Volunteer Your Time
You can help in many ways.  We are sending the Youth Center donations of hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, socks, games, videos and so on.  The members of our group are busy knitting , crocheting , and sewing items for the children who spend their time at the Youth Center.
We will soon have many patterns available for you to chose from.  Other donations welcome are instant coffee, tea , sugar free hot cocoa, sugar substitutes, sugar free candies and gums, and any other products that work well for diabetics.

Address for donating items to Native American Support
Cheyenne River  Youth Project
Julie Garreau, Project Director
PO Box 410
Billy Mills Youth Center-East Lincoln Street
Eagle Butte SD  57625
(605) 964-8200
(605) 964-8201 (Fax)


Make a Donation.  The following things would be very welcome:


School Supplies
    School Glue
    Colored pencils
    Washable markers
    Folders with prongs and pockets (can be used as notebooks)
    Construction paper
    Kleenex tissues
    (Notebooks, paper and spiral notebooks are heavy and will make the
    postage be quite a bit.)

Personal Items
    New or gently worn clothing (all sizes)
         (no rips, stains or missing buttons, please)
    New or gently worn shoes
         (should be clean and appear new)
    All sizes of hats, scarves, mittens and coats
    All sizes of underwear and socks
         (new only, please)
    Chap Stick
    Purses - made or bought
    Eyeglass cases

    Dishes of any kind
         No cracks or chips
    Plastic storage containers
         No stains or cracks - must have tight fitting lids
    Pots - pans - canning supplies
         Either new or VERY clean
    Linens - sheets and pillowcases
    Dinnerware and serving pieces
         Metal - clean and not bent out of shape
    Throw rugs.bath mats
         (those floors get cold up there in the winter)


    Warm clothing - all sizes and sexes
    Shoes and boots
    Shawls or ponchos
    Lap robes
    Christmas items
         Child safe toys - can be made or bought
         Adult gift items
              Stationary for writing to pen pals (include some stamps)
              Nice winter clothing
              Cologne for ladies -- after shave for men
         Wrapping paper
         Ribbons and bows
    Afghans - made or bought
    Slippers - made or bought
    Dry or canned food items
    Donations of money to Youth Center for groceries

    Seasonal appropriate clothing - all sizes and sexes
    Hand/body lotion
    "Sanitary" items for the ladies
    Hair brushes/combs
    Bobby pins - curlers - hair ornaments
    Sugar free candy and snacks
    Washcloths/dishcloths and towels
    Bath soap (good smelling)
    Laundry soap
    Cleaning supplies
    Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    Pens/pencils/crayons/coloring books
    Craft supplies
    Razors and shaving cream
    After shave lotion
    Toilet paper
    Seeds for gardening
    Flashlights and batteries
    Gift cards for Wal Mart or K-Mart

    Blankets (light and heavy)
    Clothing (new or very clean)
    Disposable diapers - all sizes
    Coupons for diapers/wipes
    Baby bottles

    Board games
    Card games
    Sports equipment
    Stuffed toys
    Dolls (should have dark hair)
    Any child-safe toys
    Books - check with the youth center what they need